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Workgroups: NewSynBio

The aim of this group is the development of new experimental and computational tools for Synthetic Biology. This is an important subject in this new emerging discipline that will engage the French synthetic biology community in new discussions and collaborations. In particular, this project aims at serving as a nucleus for the development of an active scientific community in this young field. The meetings will be organised around a specific subject within the domain of interest of the group. For instance, possible topics could include: “Synthetic biosensors of tomorrow”, “New biological computing”, “The limits of synthetic biology using biological parts”, “In vitro synthetic biology”, “Engineering multi-cellular behaviour”, “Evolvability in Synthetic Biology”, “Modularity in Synthetic Biology”, “Design of an ideal chassis for Synthetic Biology”, “Engineering novel microbial bioproduction”, “Design of intra and inter-cellular communication”, etc… Being at the crossroad of biology and engineering, synthetic biology necessitates interdisciplinary work. We will enforce interdisciplinary by ensuring a mixture of biology, physics and informatics talks at each meeting. The meetings will be largely open to all researchers in this field; however, we will limit the invitation of foreign speakers to the cases where they could substantially enhance the level of the meeting and/or the discussions therein.

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