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Welcome to Epigenomics Project website

Programme d'Épigénomique (Genopole, CNRS UPS3201)

New Master 2 in Systems and Synthetic Biology, mSSB: please visit website for information.
Nouveau Master 2 de Biologie Systémique et Synthétique, mSSB : retrouvez les informations sur le site web
Institute of Systems & Synthetic Biology, iSSB : please visit

The Epigenomics Project is an institute of complex studies dedicated to the new biology. Following two years of scientific grounding, it has been founded in December 2002 by Genopole® which provides its main financial support, and it has had a physical location since January 2004. In close collaboration with laboratories in Évry and abroad, in association with the University of Évry, and in partnership with the Institut des Hautes Études Scientifiques in Bures, the Epigenomics Project aims at:

  • developing an original research mode that implements the bench-model loop, where each actor, in particular each junior researcher, stays anchored in his/her major discipline while jointly working across disciplines and progressing in other fields;
  • offering a coherent set of scientific events to the relevant community, in order to facilitate cross-disciplinary action; this set ranges from Introductions and Schools, to Training courses and Workshops, all the way to advanced research in Workgroups. Since 2005, the visitor's programme and the scientific events each represented over 35 days per year;
  • fostering the emergence of new formal or informal research teams in complex studies applied to biology. There are currently one in-house starting-up team, and six year-round workgroups with a nation-wide outreach totalling 250 members. Approximately 50 scientists are concerned in Évry alone.

Thus, the Epigenomics Project is not a regular laboratory, but favors the emergence of multidisciplinary action and reflection which primarily benefit to research on the Genopole® campus and beyond.

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